Washing Soda- 10g BULK (#726)

Washing Soda- 10g BULK (#726)

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The main purpose of washing soda (sodium carbonate) is to wash laundry. Its properties soften the water to allow cleaning ingredients to work into fabrics and lift soils. The sodium carbonate keeps the dirt, grime, and soil in the water, so it can be carried out when the wash cycle water empties from the washing machine. Instructions for a heavily soiled load; For a full load, add one cup of washing soda along with your regular amount of laundry detergent. The addition of the washing soda will boost the cleaning power of the detergent. 

* This product is sold in 10 gram portions in BULK only.

Pre-Treat Stubborn Stains: Create a paste using washing soda and water to pre-treat stubborn stains. Wear rubber gloves when rubbing the solution into the stain.

Make the paste by mixing

  • 4 tablespoons of washing soda
  • ¼ cup of warm water

You can also use washing soda to remove various stains on countertops, such as coffee stains, tea stains, grease stains, and stubborn dried food spills. However, check with your manufacturer before using on more delicate countertops like granite. It is also great for cleaning the stove range and range hood to pots/pans and ceramic backsplashes, washing soda cuts through the grease.

WARNING You should never use washing soda on aluminum pots, pans, or other kitchen tools.

Mix the following for a cleaning solution:

  • 8 tablespoons of washing soda
  • ½ cup of warm water

WARNING: You should never use washing soda on fiberglass tubs, showers, sink, or tile work. The chemical reaction can damage fiberglass.

Unclog Bathroom and Kitchen Sinks too!

Because washing soda is highly caustic, you can even use it to clear out a clogged sink drain. Put in the washing soda first and then add three cups of boiling water.

  1. First pour one cup of washing soda down the sink drain.
  2. Pour three cups of boiling water after it.
  3. Allow the washing soda to work for 30 to 35 minutes.
  4. Flush with warm water and repeat if necessary.