Plantable Teacher/Thank You Cards

Plantable Teacher/Thank You Cards

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All of these greeting cards are made from recycling post consumer waste. No trees are cut down. When finished, plant these cards & wildflowers will grow!

In an effort to help fight climate change, each card sold includes a donation to plant 2 trees. Over 12,000 trees already planted.

We all buy greeting cards each year as thank you's for our clients. It's time to make a change and stop the cycle of deforestation and waste production. Together we can work together by moving to sustainable products.

7 Amazing Benefits:

🌱 Plant Our Cards & Watch Flowers Grow
🐝 Every card helps the Bee's
🇨🇦 100% Canadian Made
👩‍🎨 All Cards are designed by Local Artists
🌲 Each Card Sold Plants 2 Trees | Over 12,000 Planted
⏰ Cards are guaranteed up to 4 years
🌎 Our cards are certified to be planted in Canada, USA & Europe