DIVA Reusable Period Underwear

DIVA Reusable Period Underwear

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Introducing reusable period underwear that moves with you. Whether you're decked in sweats to survive your period or breaking a sweat at the gym, DIVA’s Reusable Period Underwear brings you all-day leak protection with an ultra-thin gusset that stays invisible under your yoga pants (or slip dress, if that's more your style).  

  • Ultra comfort with silky, seamless, 4-way stretch fabric 
  • Long-wear freshness with DryTec™ for moisture and odor control 
  • High absorbency leak protection that holds up to 9 regular tampons of flow 
  • Inclusive sizing, designed to fit a range of bodies
  • Sustainably made with recycled fabric 
  • Made without added PFAS

High Absorbency

Leak protection that holds up to 9 regular size tampons worth of flow.

Care Instructions

*Please wash before first use.

After wearing, we suggest immediately rinsing with cold water, squeezing gently, until the water runs clear. If you have it handy, DIVA Wash can also be used to lather the gusset, followed by thoroughly rinsing until the water runs clear. DIVA Wash is not a replacement for laundry detergent.

Machine wash in cold or warm water at a maximum 30 degrees Celsius/86 degrees Fahrenheit. Use mild detergent and a delicate setting. Hang to dry. Do not bleach, iron, dry clean or tumble dry.