Arnica Butter -1 gram BULK (#125)

Arnica Butter -1 gram BULK (#125)

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Formulated with Arnica Flower Extract, Arnica Butter is a soothing butter that can be used by massage therapists to encourage healthy circulation. Arnica flower has been used for centuries in traditional medicines to reduce pain, swelling and bruising. Used in massage, Arnica Butter can help address feelings of discomfort due to tired or aching muscles, promoting a sense of relaxation instead. Arnica Butter is enriched with Olive Oil and Vitamin E, which exhibit antioxidant properties and provide long-lasting moisture to the skin. Vegan & Kosher

Aromatic Description: Mild to no scent.

* Sold per 1 gram in BULK only.

Common Uses of Butters

• Body massage
• Hair mask
• Creams
• Lotions
• Soaps
• Pomades
• Hair Conditioners

Ingredients: Hydrogenated soybean oil, Olea Europaea and Heterotheca Inuloides flower extract, Tocopherol

* Store in cool temperatures away from light and moisture in an air-tight container.